Social data analysis
for bitcoin market

Data collection
semantic parsing
Social signals inference

How it works

We undertook a massive amount of work to collect data from a wide variety of sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, chats of major crypto exchanges (BitMEX and others) and much more.

We built models that "learned" to recognize when a particular message is a direct forecast/advice to buy or sell bitcoins, and populated them with real-world trade data from leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This is how we established a correlation between what people tend to write in chats and how it affects bitcoin rate over the medium term. Based on this, we developed a number of versatile instruments that facilitate successful trading. The package includes both the instruments that allow to view and study historical data and those that present the information in real time.


Social Index — the neural network collects data from exchange chats, Twitter, and other social networks and uses it to forecast crowd expectations. The computational data range is from 2016 to the last minute.
Market order flow — is a simple, direct representation of what market participants are currently doing: the number of open buy and sell orders.


A real-time graphic representation of what people are recommending to do, and are doing with bitcoin.
Bitcoin rate fluctuation graph reflecting recommendations on when to buy or sell
Users chat predictions on when to buy or sell bitcoin
Users liquidations at BitMEX
Open interest

Event Log

Event Log is a list of all significant events of the day. Whether the Social Index has changed, or there has been a major liquidation, or a wall has occurred or has been breached – it all shows up in the Event Log. Events are recorded in chronological order and the log is updated in real time .
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Wall Table

Major market players are putting up walls to contain the price. Our service monitors the exchanges to finds the bigger walls and when the wall is falling down, and displays them in the table.
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Thank you

We worked and continue to work very, very hard. If you would like to support the project so that we could continue developing it, please send your donations to our bitcoin wallet.